• Fri 4th Dec, 2009 - Sun 24th Jan, 2010

    Ad-hoc Trajectories

    Opening Reception Friday December 4, 5pm-10pm Intimate viewing hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays 12-5pm. From the Street: 24/7 Ad-Hoc Trajectories is a sculptural metaphor for the process of developing meaning or purpose from an otherwise chaotic background of experience. Small staircases, bridges, and boardwalks are used to take the form of linear trajectories, which are built upon a chaotic i... read more...
  • Fri 6th Nov, 2009 - Fri 27th Nov, 2009

    Magic Tears

    Opening Friday November 6 8pm Judit's Navratil loves coloring, and she decided to become a painter in kindergarden. After learning to use acrylics and oil paint she turned back to her favorite childhood materials: color pencil, crayons, felt tips, and water colors. She likes to make things which make others smile.http://www.navratiljudit.com/portfolio/Artists: Judit Navratil... read more...
  • Fri 16th Oct, 2009 - Sat 31st Oct, 2009


    Inspired by his recent return to BC life, self taught Graham Landin has created BRAINWASH, a multi-media exhibition turning bad vibes into bright colours, an excersize in chasing away the demons. Psychedelic self help through creative affirmations, reminding you that its all in your head. He has exhibited in Canada and the US and has been collected by the Museum of Fine Arts in Montrealhttp://grah... read more...
  • Fri 11th Sep, 2009 - Sat 3rd Oct, 2009


    Andrea Lukic is Vancouver based artist and musician currently studying at Emily Carr University. WORPOR is a series of enlarged collages working with subjects and ideas of isolation and perceptions of the world outside the physical body. Outer body time travel and a punk aesthetic of collage create a dreary world of subconscious weird doom.

    Artists: Andrea Lukic
  • Fri 7th Aug, 2009 - Sat 5th Sep, 2009


    Stick Works by Mel Paget August 8th - September 7th Opening Friday August 7th, 8pm Mel Paget is a local artist, studying Visual Arts at Emily Carr University. While previously studying graphic design she became interested in creating paper collages and manipulating images. This series is a collection of noise-inspired environments. This work reflects the hunter gathering process of imaging, ... read more...
  • Sat 11th Jul, 2009

    The Fifty Fifty's Fifth Annual Rock Lottery!!

  • Thu 25th Jun, 2009 - Fri 17th Jul, 2009

    Maki Kaoru

    Maki Kaoru is a photographer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores empathetic and perceptual responses to nature, : the act of seeing. Working with temporal elements of nature, such as light, shadow, water, wind or leaves, her work transcends those natural phenomena and transforms them into ethereal visual form.
    Artists: 
  • Fri 19th Jun, 2009

    Old Life Party '09

    This is the release party for The Third Old Life Compilation 1-2 song sets Here's the full list of bands: Cobras Cobras Cobras ‘It It Almonds, Cohen My Friend Wallis Balacade Lake Country Onaping Falls Public Schools Bear’s Lair Colourbook Ruthie & Winfield Recreation Blanck Dreamboat Slam Dunk Patty Boyd Roonie and the Minglers You should also come to the picnic be... read more...
  • Fri 12th Jun, 2009

    SLAM DUNK is bringing a burrito stand MT ROYAL is from medicine hat MY FRIEND WALLIS is Crystal from Vincat HAUNTER is from Winnipeg read more...
  • Sat 9th May, 2009 - Sat 23rd May, 2009


    CALGARY / HALIFAX based artist collective exhibiting the result of 1 week artist residency on site @ THE FIFTY FIFTY ARTS COLLECTIVE

    Artists: Mikhail Miler, Kiarra Albina, John Bride
  • Sat 18th Apr, 2009 - Fri 24th Apr, 2009

    Things that Expand in all Directions

    Fifty Fifty Arts Collective Presents a group show by: Four Fabulous Artists, Together Again! MC----- mcatcreations.com Lynn--- jlynnhunter.com Jess---- heymustachio.org Gab----gabriellehanlon.blogspot.com/

    Artists: Gabrielle Hanlon, Mary Catherine Tucker, Lynn Hunter, & Jess Rees read more...
  • Thu 9th Apr, 2009

    Laura Barrett is famous! The Phonemes is Magali, who was a member of the Hidden Cameras, etc Kellarissa is Larissa from Choir Practice, P:ano, etc. My Friend Wallis is Crystal from Vincat! http://www.myspace.com/laurabarrett http://www.myspace.com/thephonemes http://www.myspace.com/kellarissa read more...
  • Wed 25th Mar, 2009 - Sat 11th Apr, 2009

    FatMan Eating

    Opening Friday March 27 7pm. The varying degrees of power, wealth and consumption found within societies has led me to document the regression of the human body in my "FatMan Eating" series. "FatMan" sits and eats, gradually growing bigger, whilst continually regressing into animal form. I am consistently adding to my "FatMan" etching series, and presently have 400+ etchings, followed by a thre... read more...
  • Fri 20th Mar, 2009

    A show to celebrate the release of Jon-Rae's new CD Oh, Maria. This will be good! http://www.myspace.com/jonraef read more...
  • Sun 15th Mar, 2009 - Thu 19th Mar, 2009

    Aboriginal Underground Art Show

    Artists: Sherry Williams, Ukjese van Kampen, Cara-Lyn Morgan, Lindsay Delaronde read more...
  • Thu 12th Feb, 2009 - Fri 6th Mar, 2009

    It's not Just about Me, it's about Everything

    Artists: Chris Taylor
  • Sat 31st Jan, 2009 - Sat 7th Feb, 2009

    Paper Dolls

    Inspired by the creative meanderings of Henry Darger and his relationship with childhood, and Todd Field’s cautionary film Little Children, Paper Dolls connects the understanding of acceptable adult behavior with the defenseless manor of children. This theme, set in an abandoned living space, is where the viewers are encouraged to search under furniture for hints of the tenant’s character, re... read more...
  • Sun 4th Jan, 2009 - Fri 23rd Jan, 2009

    Friends' Fucked-Up Faces: Part 1

    Jess Wheaton has embarked on a lifelong project of making a painting from every photo anyone she knows has ever taken (and will take) of themselves with a messed-up mug. A visual saga of temporary personal disaster has already begun to build. Come see.

    Artists: All the way from San Francisco, Jess Wheaton. GALLERY HOURS: Fridays, 12-4 read more...