• Blue Room - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Fri 19th Nov, 2010 - Wed 8th Dec, 2010

    Blue Room

    "Shannon Scanlan’s The Blue Room, a sculptural installation at the 50/50 arts collective is not only about the implications of the colour blue. Nor is it only a vacancy, a basic dullish cerulean blue room that we enter. The gallery anteroom or main space becomes the preface to a story, until we chose to cross to the other side. Because Shannon challenges us, creates a narrative with a path to fo... read more...
  • Valid Perspectives - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 23rd Sep, 2010 - Thu 14th Oct, 2010

    Valid Perspectives

    Valid Perspectives - A group photography show Portraits conveying the lifestyles of today's youth. Valid Perspectives is a collection of portrait based photographs that convey a commonality between subjects through their surroundings. All artists are Victoria based, under the age of twenty-five, and range in levels, although most are of amateur experience. All featured photographs were shot ... read more...
  • Found Landscapes: Interventions in Nature - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 29th Jul, 2010 - Sat 21st Aug, 2010

    Found Landscapes: Interventions in Nature

    Scott August is a British Columbia based artist whose work often questions the relationship between man and nature. August’s work is primarily made up of montaged photographic images, often using unusual toys, found paintings, taxidermy, and awkward images of himself as the subject matter. By using printed backdrops, costumes, miniatures, and objects from nature, August utilizes digital technolo... read more...
  • IF You See It Say Hello - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 1st Jul, 2010 - Thu 22nd Jul, 2010

    IF You See It Say Hello

    Opening Reception Thursday July 1, 7:30 pm If You See It, Say Hello is a new collection of paintings, prints, and illustrations by Vancouver based artist Scott Lewis. Within these works we see Lewis digging into the history of an industrialized civilization. His own memories of growing up in rural western Canada are infused with its overwhelmingly vast landscapes. These memories coupled with hi... read more...
  • Sat 5th Jun, 2010

    50/50 presents the 6th Annual Rock Lottery!!!!

  • HERSHE - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 3rd Jun, 2010 - Thu 24th Jun, 2010


    'HERSHE' - An Invitation Having kept company with Frank Torng for the better part of a year (we shared a studio,) I have witnessed his formal decision-making in showing this work. A photographer’s studio is not where the magic happens. It is where the work is assessed, re assed, criticized, cropped, and shifted. Discussions take place on framing and format, narrative vs. abstract theme, portr... read more...
  • Elefant Parade - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 6th May, 2010 - Sat 29th May, 2010

    Elefant Parade

    In Elefant Parade, artists Samuel Jan and Amanda Balestreri team up to create an interesting dreamworld using playful yet dark subjects and colour. Samuel Jan depicts a world of childlike wonder full of beasts and fantastical characters, while Amanda Balestreri articulates the mystery and intrigue of life in the circus during the 1930s and 40s. Opening Reception: Thursday May 6 8-11pm.Artist... read more...
  • 152 West Hastings - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Sat 10th Apr, 2010 - Sat 1st May, 2010

    152 West Hastings

    152 West Hastings is an artist studio in the DTES, a neighborhood experiencing gentrification. The studio, located across from the new Woodward's development, is one of the last buildings on the block that has not been renovated. In an uncertain environment its young artists seek to carve out their space and persist in creating innovative artwork. They are friends of varying backgrounds and repres... read more...
  • Pop Mythology - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 18th Mar, 2010 - Sat 3rd Apr, 2010

    Pop Mythology

    Inspired by mythology and fairy tales, illustrator Renee Nault presents a collection of new Pop Surrealist paintings that are dreamy, dark, playful and beautiful. Opening 8-11pm Thursday March 18th

    Artists: 
  • Hung Up - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Fri 26th Feb, 2010 - Fri 12th Mar, 2010

    Hung Up

    Hung Up - A Group Art Show An exhibition featuring 8 local female artists, both acclaimed and emerging, whose recent works in wood, print, metal and paint form a unique and eclectic show. Artists include: Jody Bauche, Becky Julseth, Chelsea Lowe, Carla MacLean , Bryn Meadows, Andrea Norris, Emiko Takeda & Moira Thomas Opening Reception: Friday February 26th 8:00pm - 11:00pm Closing Da... read more...
  • Islander's Mind - Dec 1st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 28th Jan, 2010 - Fri 19th Feb, 2010

    Islander's Mind

    Islander's Mind By Willie Seo Opening 8-11pm Friday Jan 29th In Islander’s Mind, Willie Seo explores different shapes of people’s experience through his own islander’s eye. Through his work, moments become islands in space and time: each both unique and familiar. Opening Video Footage: http://www.youtube.com/user/ExhibitVic#p/u/1/J2KCXDb_D-ghttp://www.youtube.com/user/ExhibitVic#p/... read more...