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Thu. June 3rd 2010 - Thu. June 24th 2010
'HERSHE' - An Invitation

Having kept company with Frank Torng for the better part of a year (we shared a studio,) I have witnessed his formal decision-making in showing this work. A photographer’s studio is not where the magic happens. It is where the work is assessed, re assed, criticized, cropped, and shifted. Discussions take place on framing and format, narrative vs. abstract theme, portraiture vs. documentary impact, scale, color vs. black and white, etc. etc. These formal post shoot decisions are about showing the art. The appropriation has happened. The moment has passed and the images have been captured. Now how do we relate to it? The relationship between sharing art and viewing art begins.

Torng works both in digital and analog (yes, he shoots film in nightclubs). There is something about both of these photographic methods that is incredibly seductive. Digital photography allows for a pleasant instant gratification, where as the romance with film involves a bit of a tease. You just never know exactly what you are going to get, kind of like Torngs photographs. Some are colorful clean portraits, and others are textured documents of a moment in time. Putting these two methods together Torng has a strong collection of images of his friends. His majority of friends, are as Torng puts it, a “third gender.” Better known as Drag Queens.

The best two words I can think of to describe Torngs photographs are 'Fucking Beautiful.' I’m not using either of these words casually. Words are sometimes an unfair way to describe a visual experience. However these are fitting words considering Torngs work is about sexuality, vanity, relationships, performance, and family. In each pictures essence is a glimpse of what is means to be human; 'Fucking Beautiful.'

Torng has been invited backstage. It is his favorite place to capture images. Or, maybe better put, Torng didn’t need an invitation; this is where he has grown up. The work is done (for now), and Torng would like to invite you to see his art. He is showing in his current hometown Victoria, B.C. and soon in Montreal, Que.

Please join us to experience the pleasure of viewing some fucking beautiful photographs.

- Kyra Kelpin

The exhibition runs from June 03rd until June 24th, 2010.

The Fifty-Fifty Arts Collective Hours of Operation:

Wednesday - Sunday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Interview with frank torng: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD0RSvmeLJ8
Artists: Frank Torng