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Valid Perspectives

Thu. September 23rd 2010 - Thu. October 14th 2010
Valid Perspectives - A group photography show

Portraits conveying the lifestyles of today's youth.

Valid Perspectives is a collection of portrait based photographs that convey a commonality between subjects through their surroundings. All artists are Victoria based, under the age of twenty-five, and range in levels, although most are of amateur experience. All featured photographs were shot on film in both 35mm and medium formats.

Valid Perspectives’ pieces are an examination into the artists’ immediate personal lives, yet all capture similar trends as they work towards an investigation of Victoria’s social scenes/climate. These works help us understand how individuals comprise a social network. Each artist emulates one another by capturing different sides of their
subjects, some of which may invoke repetition, yet unique to the individual artist, making each photograph personal to the relationship between the artist and their subjects.

Show includes photographs by:

Sarah Strohan, Georgia Graham, Caroline Hughes, Mieke Van Delft, Jason Lei, Simone Rochon, Melissa Paget, Kyle Plantinga, Simon Bergink, Scott Bell, Chloe Shubert-Harbison, Melissa Edwards, Robert DiNinno, Sara Ponchet

Show runs September 23 through October 14.
Opening reception September 23 7pm-11pm