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Old Life Party '09 Colourbook, Cobras Cobras Cobras, 'It It, Almonds, Cohen, balacade, My Friend Wallis , onaping falls, Morrre

Fri. June 19th 2009
This is the release party for The Third Old Life Compilation

1-2 song sets

Here's the full list of bands:

Cobras Cobras Cobras
‘It It
Almonds, Cohen
My Friend Wallis
Lake Country
Onaping Falls
Public Schools
Bear’s Lair
Ruthie & Winfield
Slam Dunk
Patty Boyd
Roonie and the Minglers

You should also come to the picnic before the show! It starts at around 6:15 in the field at University Canada West (Quadra/Kings). A bunch of bands are playing at the picnic, too. It's a potlock, so bring a salad or something if you'd like to.

Presented by: Old Life Records