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Paper Dolls

Sat. January 31st 2009 - Sat. February 7th 2009
Inspired by the creative meanderings of Henry Darger and his relationship with childhood, and Todd Field’s cautionary film Little Children, Paper Dolls connects the understanding of acceptable adult behavior with the defenseless manor of children. This theme, set in an abandoned living space, is where the viewers are encouraged to search under furniture for hints of the tenant’s character, read privately composed poetry, and look through drawers full of lifeless objects to piece together a stranger’s personality. In this lonely apartment there is a locked room with sound leaking out of it, and a note pinned to the door hinting at where the key is hidden. Behind the door is where the tenant has been hiding away his reality – scenes of brutality, sexual misconduct, relationships with nature, and perversion.

Showing as part of the Victoria Film Festival.
Opening January 31 6pm
Artists: Caleb Speller