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Jason Stovall

Thu. March 21st 2013 - Sun. April 7th 2013
Join us for the Opening Reception March 21st 7-10PM

...Artist bio...

I endeavor to reflect societal blindness. Where the temptation is to
go no further than the surface, to take everything at “face value,” I
strive to generate an investigation, a process of discovery, an
attempt to make sense of why we see what we do. I attempt to do this
by using imperfection and limitation. The screens and masks that I
use, both construct and destroy viewing simultaneously. Control and
expectation is taken away, and the viewer is faced with the unknown
and unfamiliar. My goal is to slow the viewer’s comprehension by
creating confusion with the loss of place and identity, distorting and
concealing initial perception. I seek to have one not merely accept
what is given at first viewing, but to make their own decisions and
judgments about the veil in front of their eyes.

This show runs March 21st - April 7th. Be sure to visit http://thefiftyfifty.net/ for weekly opening hours.