• Thu 23rd Jul, 2020 until Fri 14th Aug, 2020Postcards from the Pandemic: BOXCARSIX - Jul 6th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Postcards from the Pandemic: BOXCARSIX

    Postcards from the Pandemic is a collaborative mail art project of over 600 postcards that were created by artists in and around Victoria in the depths of social lockdown created by the Covid 19 pandemic. The project was begun in March 2020 by members of BOXCARSIX Artist Collective to stay connected, distract from the anxiety and boredom of the early days of the pandemic, and get us into the studio to make art. Each of us initiated a series of postcards for another person to add and respond to. Each card was then mailed on to another artist to add to and potentially complete the postcard. The concept of the project started to circulate on Instagram and among friends, and quickly grew from eight to sixty artists participating. Collaborations have been between just two people, or as many as six. Most cards typically involve three to four artists. This is artistic collaboration with a high degree of risk. Once a postcard is out of your hands you give up control of what happens to it next – and conversely when you start to work on a postcard you have received there is no guarantee that what you add will actually work! Each card is unique: the roster of artists has been constantly changing, and so the combination of media, imagery and approach used is infinitely variable. Some artists have painted, and used drawing, some have used collage, cutting and even stitch. Most have ... read more...

  • Fri 24th Jul, 2020Eventide Music Series presents: Lightning Dust, Audio Osmosis - Jul 6th @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Eventide Music Series presents: Lightning Dust, Audio Osmosis

    the fifty fifty arts collective, City of Victoria - Local Government, CFUV 101.9 FM, Eventide Music Series proudly present Lightning Dust an exclusive livestream event at a secret location The show will be broadcast on Twitch July 24th (time TBA) https://www.twitch.tv/fifty_fifty_arts_live (you don't need a Twitch account to take part) Lightning Dust is made up of Amber Webber and Josh Wells. 2 veterans from the BC music scene. Nowadays the band is composed of a rotating cast of additional members to help fill out their live sound however all of the music is produced by Wells and Webber. Their latest album Spectres came out October 2019 released on Western Vinyl https://lightningdust.bandcamp.com/ ^^^^^^ CHECK IT OUT!! ^^^^^^ Josh and Amber have left an indelible mark on the BC music scene and still continue to do so. Former members of Black Mountain, other projects they have been a part of include P:ano, Jerk With a Bomb, Blood Meridian, The Cave Singers, Radio Berlin, Destroyer, DRaaWL Sur Une Plage, Ashley Shadow and Autogramm just to name a few. Josh also has extensive producer credits working through his production space Balloon Factory in Vancouver. Lightning Dust is a very special project on it's own. The band composes music around Amber's songwriting and voice that is truly unique. The focus of course being those lyrical compositions. The music is... read more...