• a bench, a curb, & shrubs: Olivia Prior - Feb 21st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 1st Feb, 2018 - Mon 15th Jan, 2018

    a bench, a curb, & shrubs

    “a bench, curb, and shrubs” is an interactive show loosely about parks. This show features kinetic sculptural works that mimic playful urges, interactions and motions found in a park. Each work amplifies a subconsciously known signifier from the sculpture’s namesake (a bench, a curb, and shrubs) and aims to make the participant aware of the involuntary reactions to the subtle design affordan... read more...
  • Vortex to Eden: MOPE Collective - Feb 21st @ the fifty fifty arts collective

    Thu 4th Jan, 2018 - Sun 28th Jan, 2018

    Vortex to Eden

    Vortex to Eden is a multidisciplinary study of pseudoscience and conspiracy theory, centralized around the account of Admiral Byrd, who claimed the Earth was hollow in the mid 20th century, after he flew his plane through a vortex located at the North Pole. Considering the myriad levels of social, political and philosophical queries begged of the hollow earth theory, this exhibition is an open end... read more...