• Sianspheric, The Backhomes, THE PURRVERTS

    Fri 30th Jun, 2017

    the fifty fifty arts collective and Cabaret Voltaire Diversions present: SIANspheric (styled as SIANspheric, and previously as SIANspheric4) is a Canadian space rock band originally from Hamilton, Ontario. "Sian" is a Hindi word meaning "intelligent" or "bright," and it is a common surname in places where Hindi is spoken. The band formed in 1994, and signed with the then-fledgling record label... read more...
  • Peter Brötzmann,  Heather Leigh, Insular Dwarfism

    Thu 1st Jun, 2017

    the fifty fifty arts collective new music presents: Peter Brötzmann and Heather Leigh Thursday June 1st at The Copper Owl Tix $20 at Cavity & Online A meeting between saxophonist Peter Brötzmann and pedal steel guitarist Heather Leigh. Peter Brötzmann is a giant of European free jazz, and indeed avant-garde jazz and free improvisation in general. His legendary second album, Machine Gu... read more...
  • Woods, Wired to the Sky, Ryan Boldt, Evan Cheadle, Golden Daze

    Thu 25th May, 2017

    The fifty fifty arts collective presents Woods http://www.woodsist.com/woods/ American folk rock band from Brooklyn NY formed in 2005. The band consists of Jeremy Earl (vocals, guitar), Jarvis Taveniere (various instruments, production), Aaron Neveu (drums), Chuck Van Dyck (bass) and Kyle Forester (keyboards, sax). Woods have released nine albums, the latest being City Sun Eater in the ... read more...
  • LAND-SHIFT : Art Works by Desiree deRuiter

    Thu 11th May, 2017 - Sun 28th May, 2017

    LAND-SHIFT : Art Works by Desiree deRuiter

    LAND-SHIFT : Art Works by Desiree deRuiter This show is a compilation of two types of work. The first, larger group reflects the title of the show LAND-SHIFT. These pieces are altered images of landscape that reflect the subtle unease of place. They create tension between the allure and menace of the natural world. In my work I use the repetition of printmaking to my advantage. Though h... read more...
  • FRE$H @IR: Amanda Salmon

    Thu 20th Apr, 2017 - Sun 7th May, 2017

    FRE$H @IR

    Opening Night : Thursday April 20th at 7pm Exhibition dates: April 20th to May 7th FRE$H @IR The show FRE$H @IR explores how contemporary landscapes and environments are perceived in a digital age. It aims to challenge and evaluate our perceptions of simulacra and simulation, as well as our perceptions of value. What makes a landscape valuable; and what make its representation valuable... read more...
  • The Other Side of War: Cornelia van Voorst

    Fri 10th Mar, 2017 - Sun 9th Apr, 2017

    The Other Side of War

    Combining small figurative works with tiny portraits and larger abstracts "The Other Side of War" is an act of remembrance for innocent lives caught up in a storm not of their making. My art practice references the metaphor of searching the dark and broken places of our past to find the child who was left behind. We are not accustomed to looking at German wartime society with compassion, yet when ... read more...
  • Take Your Bearings” Ground Zero Printmakers Exhibition: Agnes Ananichuk, Alain Costaz, Alison Bigg, Avis Rasmussen, Barbara Tolloczko, Bev Thompson, Desiree deRuiter, Dorothy Field, Heather Atkinson, Kathy Guthrie, Lacey Hawthorne , Laurie Mackie Loen, Lorraine Douglas , Mary Mottishaw, Randie Feil, Rhonda Lee Usipiuk, Roberta Pyx Sutherland , Susan Underwood, Tabitha Logan, Tara Howarth, Victoria Edgarr

    Thu 16th Feb, 2017 - Sat 4th Mar, 2017

    Take Your Bearings” Ground Zero Printmakers Exhibition

    Take Your Bearings: Space, Place and Scale in Contemporary Mapwork, is a group exhibition of original prints and print-based work on concepts of mapping. Take your Bearings will include print-based sculpture, artist books, and installation work as well as 2-D works on paper from 21 artists. Artist/Curator talks Sunday February 19 2-4 PM read more...
  • Soft Moments: Kasper Boss Moodie

    Thu 26th Jan, 2017 - Sun 12th Feb, 2017

    Soft Moments

    Even the smallest brushing of hands can be the hardest and most courageous gesture. The work in SOFT MOMENTS grows from the artist's personal connection to tactile experiences and observations of Identity, both public and private. The body of work offers opportunities for viewers to experience moments through tactile interactions, both individually and collectively. Kasper Boss-Moodie is a c... read more...
  • Open Action: A Collection of Photographs and Relics from People Who Perform: John G. Boehme , Doug Jarvis, Brenda Petays, Judith Price , Grace Salez

    Fri 6th Jan, 2017 - Sun 22nd Jan, 2017

    Open Action: A Collection of Photographs and Relics from People Who Perform

    A Collection of Photographs and Relics runs from January 6th to Sunday, January 22nd with performances occurring on January 6th during the opening, and on Saturday, January 21st at 3pm. OPEN ACTION is a collective of performance artists based in Victoria, BC, Canada, dedicated to site-specific actions performed in public spaces. Since 2010, once a month, OPEN ACTION artists meet at a pre-... read more...